What a load of bollards…

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As a wise man once said, “Bollards may provide the foundation of effective perimeter security, they do not provide the foundation of an interesting feature article.”

What a load of bollards!

When we started working with street furniture manufacturer Townscape Products five years ago, the task was simple. Help the business raise awareness of its brand and its products.

And in the world of street furniture, bollards are big business.

So our brief was clear. Get people excited about street furniture. Get people talking about bollards and, specifically, get them talking about Townscape bollards.

Literally speaking … take a dry concrete cone, get on the phone and tell journalists that their readers need to know about it and the exciting developments enrapturing street furniture aficionados across the country!

“You’ll never get bollards in the national press,” they said.

How wrong they were.

Our creative team sprung into action and created a limited edition, tongue firmly in cheek, ‘Bollards of Britain’ calendar featuring some of Townscape’s key products.  It attracted much media attention, including a mention in The Times.

Much the same logic lay behind our strategy for using funny mailshots to promote Townscape’s simple concrete bollard. We created a series of eshots featuring the bollard in different items of fancy dress with the tag line, ‘However you dress is up, it’s still a bollard!’ We’re pleased to report that open rates soared and sales followed.  Proof that a visually humorous approach really can work.

So that’s media and database engagement ticked off … what about social media?  How exactly do you get people to engage with a product like a bollard?

Well, if you can find a celebrity with a name ripe for a questionable pun you’ve found the answer. Inspired by ex-footballer and one-time ‘I’m a Celebrity’ contestant Jimmy Bullard, Jimmy BOLLARD was born and became our social media incarnation of the Townscape bollard.

If you want to write about bollards providing security at airports, just tell Jimmy to pack his straw hat and his sun cream and you’ve got a blog post ready to go.


In the business of promoting bollards, our results speak for themselves.

We’ve seen bollards make it into the national press, used bollards to boost engagement to drive traffic to Townscape’s website and crafted mailshots about bollards with very strong open rates.

We’ve even placed in depth features about bollards and perimeter security published for major construction publications.

It just goes to show, sometimes you can polish a bollard.

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