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For the fifth year on the trot, Swizzels asked us to come up with a creative and engaging campaign that would secure stacks of print and online media coverage for their iconic brand Love Hearts in the run up to Valentine’s Day.

The media is swamped with Valentine themed stories so, yet again, we had to create something that would stand out and engage both hardened journalists and readers alike.


A few brainstorms later and Sweet Proposal was born! 

Our campaign invited people to tell us about their unusual marriage proposal.  It certainly captured the hearts and minds of journalists, resulting in dozens of pieces of coverage in media across the UK which led to us receiving 1,000 entries in the two week ‘competition live’ period.


Our consumer PR team did a sterling job reading through all the entries and then secured another whole heap of coverage about the shortlisted entrants and the ultimate winners.

Here’s a tiny (a really tiny) selection of some of the coverage we secured:






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