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What have Finding Nemo, Beetlejuice and A View to a Kill got in common?

They’ve all been used in our latest campaign for Townscape Products which recently launched a pioneering method of casting concrete.

Now, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, promoting concrete isn’t everyone’s idea of fun but we love the creative challenge.

Having grabbed the attention of architects, town planners, designers and specifiers with our bold ‘Concrete just got sexy’ launch campaign, we turned our minds to holding their attention and finding ways to engage with them so that valuable relationships could be built.

And so ‘Film Friday’ was born.  Each week, our clever designers replicate a piece of concrete embedded with a visual clue to a film title. The first person to email Townscape with the name of the film receives a discount off a future purchase.

A seemingly simple idea, it’s actually rather quite clever because it puts the possibilities of the product right under the noses of those that matter. By showing them what could be etched into concrete, it stimulates their imaginations about the ways they could use it.

Traffic to Townscape’s Graphic Concrete site has quadrupled since the first mailer went out, open rates are far exceeding the industry norm and there’s been a marked increase in brochure downloads and visitors taking a look around Townscape Products ‘master’ website, too.

The number of entries received each week has been so high that Townscape has had to create a dedicated email account to prevent inbox blockage! 

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